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            UNIX_TIMESTAMP(music.datetime) AS d, 
            music_projects.name_en AS project_name,
            music_categories.name_en AS category_name,
            music_authors.name_en AS author_name,
            music_types.name_en AS type_name,
            music_labels.name_en AS label_name                 
            FROM music
            LEFT JOIN music_projects ON (music_projects.id = music.project_id)
            LEFT JOIN music_categories ON (music_categories.id = music.category_id)
            LEFT JOIN music_genres ON (music_genres.id = music.genre_id) 
            LEFT JOIN music_authors ON (music_authors.id = music.author_id) 
            LEFT JOIN music_types ON (music_types.id = music.type_id) 
            LEFT JOIN music_labels ON (music_labels.id = music.label_id)          
            WHERE 1
            AND UNIX_TIMESTAMP(music.datetime) < 1670324820
            AND (
            music.vis = 1
            OR music.vis IS NULL
            AND music_subscriptions.subscription_id <> 48 
            AND music_subscriptions.subscription_id <> 49 
             AND music.genre_id = 12  AND music.type_id = 1         
             ORDER BY music.rating ASC 
            LIMIT 0, 20

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